Thursday, May 19, 2011

Fashion Friday. Maximum Style.

Remember Al ? He's been hanging around a bit.
Sometimes he needs encouragement.
Frey offers a few words.
Separation Anxiety starts at the little hobbit hole, so I crawled in for a fresh perspective.
Al clowned it up of course.

Do you like either of these shots?
Or does the perspective screw with you too much?
I like both, but I couldn't decide which works better.
You decide. Post a comment. Be firm, but kind.

I could look at Al all day, but over at our sister site Red Phoenix Style the girls have styled up another runway show. This time for the first anniversary of Brisbane's most wanted hair Panic Hair.
jjobrienclimbing sent Sandra Phoenix along to bring back the look.

So much hair, so much colour.
All the fabulous jewels are available online from Red Phoenix Emporium or in store at The Tribune.

Climbers, you can celebrate with me as my first jewellery design for Red Phoenix, the Omiyagi was ordered by an unknown customer in New York.
Yay for international jewellery sales!

What? You want more Al? OK just one more.

Welcome to our newest follower Bjorn Lyngwa
How do you put that slash through the "o" ?


  1. I like the first one. And I wouldn't have put a vignette on the second because the focus is on the hands. And what routes did those girls send? That cave looks like an upside down love heart.

  2. Weren't you there? These girls shred at the cave.

  3. I agree on the vignette. But it was very flat looking. Dull light is an issue at the cave so often.