Thursday, March 27, 2014

Into the Sunshine - jjobrien, the movie

A rather special thing happened.
A professional Director/Videographer tracked me down and made an interesting proposal.
I hadn't heard of Matt Raimondo, I have to admit to being dubious when he emailed me.
We spoke on the phone and he gained my confidence.
Queensland Tourism had commissioned him to make a series of short films. In their words:

"Into the Sunshine is a series of short films that takes viewers into the lives of some remarkable Queenslanders and showcases their powerful connection to the environment.

In this episode, renowned rock climber John O'Brien recalls his childhood fascination with the Glass House Mountains and how a poster once pinned on his bedroom wall grew into a dream to conquer the craggy volcanic remnants that rise from Queensland's Sunshine Coast hinterland (70 kilometres from Brisbane)".
It goes on....I daren't repeat. Blush.

We forgive QT for the "conquering" thing. It's what people like to dream into climbing.
So pull up a bouldering mat and settle down for 2:14 minutes of stock post rock soundtrack and glorious coastal views.
Hit Play

Or open the link 

Matt Raimondo shoots on a special camera with a thing attached to the back that you look through.
It costs a lot. I tried to understand.
 Photo - iPhone: jjobrien

Matt Fingleton (in all honesty, probably the better climber of the two of us, and easily more handsom) assited M1 on all three shoots, and was my dependable belayer.
In these iphone shots he follows me up Pitch 4 of "The Ricoh Destruction Test" Tinbeerwah, the first route I ever put up. (Home of climbings' biggest U-Bolt)
Thank you M2.
 Photo - iPhone: jjobrien

Can you see the pain in my eyes? I could barely walk that day.

I have to say I'm feeling very spoilt. Having such a craftsman create a flattering portrait of oneself feels a little bit rewarding. Thank you very much Matt for the kind angles.

Matt Raimondo        
Brisbane, Australia.
Matt is an Australian, Brisbane based director with a diverse range of skills including film making, photography and motion graphics. Inspired by the outdoors Matt is focused on producing compelling adventure, travel, and lifestyle content.

Thanks also goes to:
Red Chili
Sterling Rope


  1. Lovely to watch. Congrats to all of you. Loved the way you narrated your story into the picture. The views, the music, the story, your voice... Perfect.

    Aaaah, I miss Glasshouse mountains and Coolum cave. It's been too long...

    All the best,
    Airie Sasha

  2. Thanks John for sharing your story, personality and your amazing climbing skills. Can't say I had ever jumared up a rope further than 3 meters before I got to coolum for that 1st shoot... let alone shoot something dangling from 30 meters.

  3. Really lovely Matt and John - so great to get something different, an insiders view of climbing that is artistic and doesn't mention routes or grades, nor misrepresent what climbing is about. Beautiful images and authentic story. Good on you John for having a story worth sharing and the courage to offer a piece of yourself.

  4. Thank you Sasha for the kind words. I know I owe you some.

  5. This story is a Matt Attracta. Thanks for the kindness Matts.