Sunday, September 30, 2012

No climbing today. Wedding only.

The wedding of Craig and Lotus.
This post is more for my own memory than anything else. Aknowledgements will be imcomplete. But thank you to all the special people who cast this spell.
Sandra and I talked the next morning about how we had all worked on so many details for so many months to make a majic moment. The majic doesn't last forever, but it leaves something special behind.
How to cast a spell: Prepare the space.

Aunty Lorelle showers the ground with rose petals.

Fill the air with the sacred ritual music of the Gamelan.

Bring together the beautiful bride and the nervous, terrified but happy groom.
Perform the ceremony

Bring together fabulous guests from around the world.


Now Jools from Panic Hair Bazaar performs her special girls majic.

I was quite busy for the day but I did get to take a few photos. You know, can't trust the professionals and all that.

 Mother and Daughter
Lotus and her Grandmother, Molly phoenix.

I can't take my eyes of this girl!

Kirsten and Willow

The very fabulous wine from Mike Olsen of Cypress post.

The banquet team.

127 guests, plus the Gamelan and the band, Astrid and the Asteroids.

The kids have thier own party.

 It's a bake off. Sandra made cheesecake, Martha made tarts.
 Can you believe this cake?
 Willow, the Maid of Honor.
 Dear friends.

 I was there too.
 The ruck.

The lovely guests.

The perfect spell.