Monday, May 16, 2011

Princess of the Cave

Here at jjobrienclimbing we've had hundreds of letters from Russell Bright asking "when am I going to get my mug on your blog"? Our original charter forbade it, but we are after all, a shameless commercial operation, and when Russell came up with the required cash, we relented.
So here's Princess Russ.

As far as can be understood this man makes a living from fish fiddling.
I hope I'm not over simplifying it but I think he makes goldfish have goldfish.

Russ earned his strength relentlessly lapping hard routes.

 Style: Hard to say. Delicate Thai hippy details, barefoot, with a well maintained sharp edged do on top.
Let's call it, Tonsai dirtbag meets personal fitness trainer.

Curiously, Russ has a proven ability to make good on steep routes without climbing shoes.
Ouch. Why would you do that? How could you do that?

 The coldest, windiest day of the year allowed me the rare opportunity to shoot Russ with his shirt on.

Route: "Evil Knievel"
Coolum Cave
Dynamic in style.
Irrepressibly cheeky by nature.
Russ the belayer: He's not watching you, he's watching Sharma. How are you going to compete with that?  
The internet hardly needs more photos of Russ, maybe just one more. 

The strong man who earned the title "Princess Russ"

PS. Welcome to our newest follower Lewis Templar, who's middle name appears to be "Danger".
That rocks Lewis. Did your Mum come up with that?


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