Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Specialist

If you live or work in Brisbane, you owe a debt of gratitude to Nate Foster. I Like to think of him as some sort of specialist bomb squad kinda guy. He's one of a very few specialist welders working on live gas lines. Stuff that.

I don't know about you climbers, but the idea of pointing some welding rod thingy, that's seething with  a high potential electric charge at a pipe that's pressurised with natural gas in the middle of a populated city, as a little spooky.
I stole that pic from Nate's Instagram. Follow his world of high style and danger on Instagram as "Spanworth" and get ready for the gratifyingly predictable alert, "Spanworth likes your post".

Nate showed his explosive power when he took a burn on "Beautiful Thing" 28 at Queensland's specialist crag The Pulpit.
jjobrienclimbing and style was there to bring back the look.

 "Beautiful Thing" - In the pipeline.

Soft focus. Hard climber.

My fave shot of the year, and product placement perfection for Wild Country Helium quickdraws

Last time I posted Nate he stayed on  top of the stats for a year, thanks to the girls over at Red Phoenix Style. Lets get him back on top.

Spanworth likes this.