Sunday, May 1, 2011

"Strength in Unity"

Not exactly sure who this guy is.
His mates say his name is Jimmy. But there seemed to be some uncertainty.
They reckon he is about 20. Again, not sure.
They say he remembers to bring his guitar to the crag but forgets his harness and shoes. It all sounds pretty vague. 
Style: Jimmy screams socialist chic and solidarity in last seasons "Enterprise Bargain Agreement" T-Shirt in black with yellow "2010.Your Pay - Your Call" print by the always hip Aussie label, Australian Workers Union.

Did you get a good look at me Jimmy? Spooky huh?  

The move that started it all.
Nine routes fan out from this beginning. 

Jimmy put down the guitar long enough to switch on and send Spoonman.

 Then back to guitar for songs of workers struggles and sendage celebrations.

 It never hurts to have a stab at something hard at the end of the day.


  1. Sending a 28 in QLD a few years ago would have been front page Courier Mail news. Now nobody bats an eye. But it's great. Well done Jimmy who I've never seen before.

  2. Thing is, at the very moment Jimmy clipped the anchors of Spoonman, Hank clipped Seperation Anxiety (28)
    He didn't make the Courier Mail, hell he didn't even get a photo on jjobrienclimbing.
    The bar is lifting.

  3. In case anyone didn't notice the third photo down is JJ in the 80's not Jimmy. Very spooky likeness!

    BTW is Jimmy climbing in chic cuffed jeans? I think he just raised the fashion bar at the cave boys.