Saturday, February 9, 2013

Beka Burbery - Kiwi Girl

I went to a big-deal seminar years ago. A certain big-name, brick-jawed American success coach. It was huge. 
A 14 hour mega motivation marathon, the first 10 minute piss break was at the 6 hour mark.
Content covering; dedication, commitment, success strategy.
It's easy to be cynical, but to be honest, I learned a lot.
Climbers, you already know the message:
How bad do you want success?  How badly do you want to do, what you want to do? 
Would you limit your budget to a dollar for dinner, less for breakfast, forego a comfy hotel and live in a single, crappy unheated room, weave your bicycle through the dusty Chinese traffic?

Well, probably yes.
I met Rebekah Burbery in Yangshuo, doing just that, she was turning a week of budget into months.
I can't help but examine my own balance of commitments across work, home, climbing. Comforts.

The thing that struck me about Beka is that she practices high-level frugality and keeps the beautiful air of friendliness and full-scale positivity. Generous of spirit. Such a joy.

The route: Yangshuo Hotel 7b White Mountain - China.

Back in her homeland of New Zealand she couch surfs and sleeps in her car to extend her climbing life between bursts of Outdoor Education work.

I decide I'm happy with my choices. I work hard. I enjoy a beautiful home. I have short trips to amazing places and meet inspiring people. I blog about it.

My mind is on something else.
As I stare through the crappy, blistering window-tint of the van, outside it's dark and dusty.
The road back from White Mountain to Yangshuo is in ruins. The van winds around searching for a workable course through the potholes, dodging buses. We make it into town, there's trucks, and diesel, and danger. It's very cold, and I'm sort of sleepy and aching, thinking about getting back to my hotel, dinner, bed.
Somewhere out there Beka is on her bicycle.
I generalise to myself; Kiwi girls are hardy.

Thanks Beka. jj