Thursday, September 15, 2011

The September issue

The bumper September issue is crammed full with all the stuff that didn't make the cut throughout the year. Sounds B grade?

Here's how the year went on the B roll:
Expedition Equipment continue to support jjobrien with awesome shoes, quickdraws, harness and ropes, from top brands like Red Chili, Wild Country and Sterling rope.
Nothing B grade about that.

Michael Garrahy proved you do need a spotter and boulder mat. Thanks for clearing that up for us Michael.

I got back on Gasoline Rainbow.

Joe and Eddie Burril got fitted out with Diesel Jeans from the wardrobe of jjobrienclimbing. That's what can happen when you turn up to a crag like Coolum in trackies. 

John and Sandra wander the streets of Lijang.

We never got to say good bye to Clint. 
 jjobrienclimbing and red phoenix style attend Mercedes Benz Fashion Fest, and bring back the looks.
Climber John Freely meets Katie Perry. News worthy? I thought so too.
Nina shows us how beautifully delicate a chalk bag can be.
Angela gets a new do, love it.

Lee ticks Evil Kenevil and Nuts in High Places.

 jjobrienclimbing does a fashion shoot at Cloudlands for Red Phoenix, too much fun.

 Judd and Sandra went to the beach and did some finger shooting.

Sandra grew some coffee in our rain forest garden, Judd helped to pick it, pulp it, ferment it. We roasted it and had the most wonderful cup of single origin organic, rain forest grown, fair trade, low miles coffee.
Regrettably it did involve some child labour.
Then off to the cave for climbing.

And most importantly jjobrienclimbing gets a new grand daughter, Lara. How sweet is she?
Could there be a happier Grandmother?
Thanks to all who have followed this blog, I've had fun, I hope you did too.


Saturday, September 3, 2011

Vegemite and Chilis

Gareth Llewellyn and Simon Mentz travelled the country for Vegemite.
Vegemite sponsored them on their quest to photograph Australia's 100 Classic Climbs.
Red Chili and Wild Country sponsored me to climb on their Vegemite Promotional Video.
The deal was that they post their stories on Facebook.

And we all did what the big corporate giants told us to.

Look out for their upcoming book in 2012.
ps. it was in the script that I fall off the top of Evil Wears No Pants.