Monday, February 13, 2012

Contact Strength

Susy Goldner spent eleven years, long hours, every day of the week, perfecting her contact skills.
As Manager of Contact Centres for Virgin Blue. 

It's the same meticulous approach she brings to her climbing.
A reliable source informed jjobrienclimbing that Susy was caught in Kalymnos with detailed sequence notes, including a breathing and resting strategy for her project in her chalk bag. Meticulous? More than a bit.

For a girl who has spent so many years helping customers get into planes she has spent a disproportionate amount of time jumping out of them. She told me one day how many skydives she has made, I don't remember the number but it gave me vertigo.

That's a Kaly' tan right there.

Working for an airline has it's perks, there's those handy refresher towelettes, and then there's the travel.
U.S./ Kalymnos / China / Nowra / back and forth to the Bluies.

Getting things sorted.

Susy sends "Wholey Calamity" 26 at Coolum Cave

They call her the G-Star

A decade of fronting an airlines' customer contact could  go either way.
It could make a girl jaded or  it could feed a commitment to improvement and a desire to excel.
Guess what Susy chose?

to be continued

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