Sunday, May 8, 2011

We have a winner.

Sorry climbers, this post suffers from missing photos. I did some deleting of online albums, turns out they were linked to here. jj

Or "Michael" as his mother prefers to spell it. Sorry Mrs. Houghton. Thanks Lee.
Have you ever seen Michael look this good?

Michael recently became a follower of jjobrienclimbing to win this sharp new Consina T-Shirt from Ubud Adventure.
Instantly transforming him from style tragic to covershot cool.
Michael already knows the superior traction and style power of Dunlop Volleys.
Fact: sign up to and you are on your way to better climbing style.

Michael climbs rocks too.
jjobrienclimbing supports Michael's choice of photo-approved brilliant yellow chalk bag.

Thanks for the support Michael.

Need more Nick? Who doesn't?

Nick absolutely tears apart the crux traverse on "Evil". I can't believe this guy. I'm still refining this sequence after 191 attempts.
Lee Cujes, Matt Cochrane, Russel Bright, Tom O'Halloran, Vinny Day, Matt Schimke, have all made the demanding ascent.
I've forgotten someone. Who?
Then he flares his lats like a cobra and dispatches "A Knee Bar Too Far" 8a

Abi and Kaylee entertained/frightened us with some Aerial Tissue work.

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  1. I have never seen sexy Mick look that hot! Amazing