Monday, January 31, 2011

Big Al Spadijer

 Here at jjobrienclimbing we've had hundreds of letters from readers asking when are we going to profile a real man and not just some stringy little kid. 

We couldn't find one so here's Al Spadijer!

Property news:
Prices around Mt Coolum have slumped in recent times.
Al has bought a new house in the neighbourhood.

Al, and several billion of the Earths poorest inhabitants, make up a fashion movement coined by jjobrienclimbing "Economical". Whilst the vast majority of "Economicalists" are victims of place and circumstance, Al voluntarily embraces the movement with a strong sense of "Dishevelled Chic".

Spoonman 28
'Hey mate well done on the send. Not bad considering your conscious state was one notch above coma.'
                  Bradley Babel   (facebook)
What Allan Spadijer doesn't know right now, amongst other things, is that the lost roll of finger tape he forlornly searches for is under Frey's rope mat and not in the long grass. 

He also climbs.

If only Oli's mum knew who he was hanging around with.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Coming soon - Profile: Big Al Spadijer

Look out Mt Coolum property prices!
Al Spadijer is your new neighbour.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Fashion Friday

Here at jjobrienclimbing we've had hundreds of letters from readers and from the girls over at our sister site, Red Phoenix Style, asking when will you feature
Nate Foster on Fashion Friday.
That day has come.

Nate's mate Tom describes his look as "Cruzey with a touch of magical Harry Potter"
jjobrienclimbing calls it "L.A. ink meets Aussie Surf Slacker" You be the judge.

The Red Phoenix girls will confirm it's all about accessories. Shoes and Bags and Jewellery.

Nate accessorises a mad psy-skull short with a Chaos harness from Black Diamond, Petzyl quickdraws and a classic Gri Gri in distressed yellow.

                                   Sometimes he wears a shirt.               Sometimes he doesn't.

Coolum Caveman Nate Foster:
                            Heavy on style.          Light on substance (abuse).

Here's where the Surf Slacker bit comes in.
Nate - get into a pair of Red Chilis and you are going to climb better and look the goods.
I know it was Straya Day but maaaaate.

So Nate, wave to stylish bloggers: 

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Team Straya, hell yeah! Australia day 2011

Tom kicked off the proceedings with a stab at Sis's new route "Eraserhead" 26 (?!).
Now, lately, flood ravaged Queenslanders have been getting some expertise in sandbagging, and it seems Sis has mastered the form.
That mantle is slopey, and doesn't want anyone on it. And high.

Quote:  "This is retarded"  Tom O'Halloran
Tom O'Halloran - climbing for Australia.
John (not me) enjoys the saucey, salady goodness of the BBQ lunch.

Tom O'Halloran

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Let's get international

That's Lee with Keller Rinaudo (USA) at White Mountain in Yangshuo, China. They are both stoked about Keller's red hot burn on China Climb 5.14b and Lee's super successful photo shoot.
They may also be happy about Lee's brand new red pants and Keller's solid green T-Shirt that came up so well on film. You wanna see it?

Putting it all together.

I love a good collage, who doesn't? All those pieces somehow related but somehow not complete.
That's S'matt up there making sense of a wild collection of very cool moves.
(click to enlarge)

Monday, January 24, 2011

I have received hundreds of letters from readers requesting more of the big Frenchman, Antoine.
                          So here he is. Sorry boys, he's already taken.
And more of S'matt?

Working his new route. If you are thinking of ticking this new super route, the prerequisite is getting to the top of Fruitbat (25) with enough gas to step it up about 5 grades. Go Matty!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Fashion Friday

At the request of Lotus, over at Red Phoenix Style, I've included some shots of what's hot at the crag right now.
Here's Sister Matt bringing vinyl snake skin to the sport. Surely a first, and so practical, windproof, dust resistant and looks so good.
Here's Oli channeling a Caribbean Pirate
And his fabulous shabby, pirate, rasta details.

Massive lats never go out of style, don't you think?
Antoine sported his and twin chalk bags as he crushed "Separation Anxiety" 28
Always the corporate whore, I wore the Red Chili logo shirt in sky blue.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Sometimes I just love climbing

It was just Sister Matt and me at the cave today.
I love a crowd at the crag but it's different when you have the place to yourselves.We have a shot at climbs we don't usually do. Dogging around on hard stuff and then suddenly pulling off a surprise lap on the project.
Storms o'er the cane feilds. Water falling in the wind off the lip of the cave.
Bits of chat. Other bits of nothing much. Weekday climbing always feels a bit like wagging school.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Washing Day.

No one likes smelly shoes at the crag, so the Caronas took a hit from the front load washing machine, along with some volleys. They look gorgeous again and ready for summer climbing.

New Year, New Rope.

So I rang up Danny at K2 and said send me a rope. He says what kind of rope do you want?
I said a pretty one, beyond that you can decide, you know what I do.
So, a purple Rocca 10mm. Perfect. I want it to look good as I repeatly fly off the top of my project.