Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Suddenly Bali

Lying in bed making weekend plans via Facebook Messenger.
Lee: Do you want to go to the new crag this weekend?
Me: I don't know, I've got work stuff and family stuff.
Lee: Do you want go to Bali?
Me: Yes.
Half hour later we were booked and packing.
Club - Ku De Ta  Photo: Sam Cujes.
I sent him this photo.
Dress like this. Exactly like this.
That's me on the left on top of the Mt. Agung circa 1995 in peacock and puce Gortex by Lowe Alpine. 
Bali, why Gortex?
It's not all palm trees and cocktails.
Gunung Agung is a massive 10,300ft volcano lying at the geographical and spiritual centre of Bali.
I estimate this is my 13th Agung ascent, stretching back over 25 years, amongst other volcano treks in other parts of Indonesia.
I can't help it, I keep going back.
First ascent for Lee.

Photo: Selfie
We huddled for an hour at the summit waiting for dawn.
It was too long.
The ascent had been quite difficult. Dark, slippery, wet, very cold, very windy, misty, doubtful and almost no visibility.
Route finding was hit or miss.
By the time dawn arrived we were running out of heat and options.
My hands were useless and unfeeling. I couldn't work my jacket zipper.
I didn't have a jacket zipper. Broken years ago. I only sort of had a bit of Velcro left on my vintage Lowe.

Can anyone else see a ghost in those clouds?
Sunrise. Within half an hour the world was a beautiful place again.

Warming up and drying out. Photo op time.

iPhone photo: Lee Cujes
We smashed my previous ascent times.
Under 3 & 1/2 hours from Pasar Pura Agung Temple to the top.

iphone photo: Lee Cujes

iPhone photo: Lee Cujes

The accom was bearable I spose.

canon photo: Lee Cujes
It wasn't all rugged.

Sandra is never more at peace than with a rose petal cocktail in hand at the uber cool "Ku De Ta" in Seminyak.
New tassel necklaces. She ninja shops, negotiating at 20 paces, past the iron ring of post Bali bombing security, with the beach hawkers via commando hand signals. Without missing a sip.

Sandra, Sam and Lee.
Equatorial sunset in progress. House beats oozing from the big rig. Pretty happy.

Here's to sudden weekend getaways.
Good work team.