Monday, January 31, 2011

Big Al Spadijer

 Here at jjobrienclimbing we've had hundreds of letters from readers asking when are we going to profile a real man and not just some stringy little kid. 

We couldn't find one so here's Al Spadijer!

Property news:
Prices around Mt Coolum have slumped in recent times.
Al has bought a new house in the neighbourhood.

Al, and several billion of the Earths poorest inhabitants, make up a fashion movement coined by jjobrienclimbing "Economical". Whilst the vast majority of "Economicalists" are victims of place and circumstance, Al voluntarily embraces the movement with a strong sense of "Dishevelled Chic".

Spoonman 28
'Hey mate well done on the send. Not bad considering your conscious state was one notch above coma.'
                  Bradley Babel   (facebook)
What Allan Spadijer doesn't know right now, amongst other things, is that the lost roll of finger tape he forlornly searches for is under Frey's rope mat and not in the long grass. 

He also climbs.

If only Oli's mum knew who he was hanging around with.

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