Monday, August 15, 2011

"Urban" Girls.

Four high powered girls from Urban Climb take on the weekend high traffic area of "Has it got a Chevy Motor?" 24 at Coolum Cave.

On any Sunday, "Chevy Motorists" are bumper to bumper cruising their way slowly up,
and taking the fast lane down, Coolum's Route No. "1"
More punters have run out of fuel, pulled over for a break, or just crashed and burned on this popular tourist drive than anywhere up and down this sunny coast.
jjobrienclimbing was there to get the traffic report.

Danger - steep grade ahead - 45 degrees.

Flaming redhead Bochere Rand stops the weekend traffic in layered pea green and fuchsia. 

Searching for the road ahead.

 Bo wasn't always an Urban Girl.
Here's the dirt:
Self confessed Country music tragic and equestrian, her home town of Bellingin NSW is equally famous for dairy and hippies.

History note: The jjobrienclimbing Kombi (not real name) could often be found parked by the Bellingin River in the early eighties,
and not for the dairy.

Tara puts her foot down and lays some rubber for the sloper. This sloper has sent more people flying than ...

Ontarian Tara Davidson fesses up to having a shoe thing. Me too. Is it Volleys for you too?
She's back and energised from a tour of Rocklands Sth. Africa.      Fav Oz crag: Frog.
Drum and Bass and Jazz, hey lets compare notes. I'm still loving Thomas Marriott

Huong Nguyen is famous for a high voltage smile that could power an electric car.

There's the smile.

Quietly ferocious
High torque - high traction.
Trina Lat: Drum and Bass follower, cook, chocolate lover. Sounds familiar, me, me, me again. 
Look out for the Trina Lat - Physiotherapist shingle coming soon. 
Senior beat consultants from jjobrienclimbing  recommend Kongkast Hong Kong's Drum and Bass Podcast to all climbers who like their beats hard and complex.

Climbers, this is why I never let Trina climb on my rope. Teeth alert.

Started climbing in the Philippines, I must go someday, now her fav crags are Brooyar and Coolum Cave.

Weekend Chevy Motorists.