Thursday, March 3, 2011

Anniversary Fashion Friday

It has recently been revealed on facebook that jjobrien is "in a relationship".
Climbers, this one snuck up on me sideways on a Tuesday afternoon.
I get this "confirm relationship" message, I hesitate for a moment, start considering the ramifications, I mean we have children, grandchildren, a house, cars, but this facebook relationship thing is looking more official than anything I've been used to up to this point. Having not officiated this relationship through a church or state registration, I think facebook might be the highest authority to recognise us. 
So it's time to come clean. But what facebook doesn't say is that this relationship started in 1972.
It's true, I fell in love with Sandra Phoenix. Sorry, Dr. Phoenix phd
Here's a few photos I have on hand this relationship anniversary day of March 4th.

Juice Alley, Mong Kok
Nice shirt jj, embroidered eagle on white cotton by Jag.
Those sunnies are mine now.

photo: Lee Cujes

Gearing up for the Chinese coldness in Mee and Gee store HK
This is where I first met my new coat "Wolfie". Remember "Sheepy"? I still miss Sheepy.

Dressed for the chill at Yangshuo
Sandra wearing "Peak" in black.

She also climbs.
                               A bit.
                                                                              Like this, on her 50th birthday in Ton Sai.


By the power invested in facebook, I do take this woman.

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