Monday, November 21, 2011

The Simple Life with Issy Morgans

"I live a very simple life" Issy Morgans                                   
Where do I start? This girl is complicated. I don't think I've ever received a more bewildering personal profile from a climber. But lets begin. Issy Morgans is a tight ass. Her words, not mine.

She works for a tight ass, my words not hers, in a climbing gym in Logan on the south side of Brisbane that not only doesn't have the internet but doesn't even have a computer.  How tight is that?

Morgan(s) my bad.

Last time I posted photos of Issy I was stuck for a single word to describe her style. Lee Cujes offered "composed".
The composure runs deep. She not only plans every meal for a week ahead, she plans every little  thing she will do for a year. Climbers, I have stopped laughing at driven people and started taking lessons. I admire the dedication I see in people who are working hard on improvement.

Issy doesn't watch TV, hasn't watched a movie for over a year, doesn't eat out.
She says, "I work hard and save hard, I'm persistent and routine".

A fear of leading kept her indoor for nine years. Look at her now.
Let the pictures tell the story.

Here's Issy's answers to the quiz:

Q: Fave crags - A: Coolum and the Blue Mountains
Q: Fave music - A: Listen to the radio most of the time jjj and Nova
Q: Fave movie - A: haven't watched a normal movie in over 12 months!
Q: Fave mag - A: I guess this would have to be Rock mag as its the only mag I have bought since I was a teenager!
Q: Fave celeb -A:  Couldn't name any apart from Chris Sharma
Q: Fave cafe - A: Grandmas kitchen, I don't eat out!
A: Dogs - The question was "Cats or Dogs"?
A: Rock -  The question was "Rock or Rap"?
A: Jeans - The question was "Frocks or Jeans"?
Issy scored 8/9 on the quiz. The correct answer was "Frocks"

The simple lunch - a rice cracker and water.

If I can re-phrase her words just a little, she says one of the things she is planning to do is to be more spontaneous.

Enjoy the simple things Issy.
We love your positive style.


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