Monday, May 23, 2011

Photos of Issy.

Issy Morgans, you know her from Sport Climbing Australia.
Here she is running through the sequence on Spoonman 28, Coolum Cave of course.
Her extensive indoor training transfers to a very smooth style, concentrated and controlled.
I was in position for shooting Big Al on Separation Anxiety when I took these snaps.
There's some nice ones, I'm sure you'll agree.


  1. Issy's looking pretty composed :)

  2. Composed. That's the word I was looking for, very succinct. I came up with Concentrated and controlled.
    Photo critique?

  3. Where is the critique on the climbers fashion accessories!!???

    I only read this blog to get style tips :-p

    Great photos.

  4. jj here, google won't let me sign in.
    Fair call Anonymous, if that is your real name, I don't know Issy well and didn't want to take too much license. The pictures are just nice, and I thought I would leave it that way.
    However, given you have prompted me I will say this.
    A girl can look good on the rock by following this simple formular:
    * Fitted pants that expose the calf, (no socks please) simple with no pattern to get lost in the rock.
    * Neat harness free of superfluous gear.
    * Statement chalk bag
    * Layered sports tops that compliment, contrast, or define the colours of her skin with reference also to the rock.
    * Hair, make up, jewellery as required.
    Issy ticks all the boxes.