Sunday, May 26, 2013

Elena Atanasov for Red Phoenix Emporium

Climbers, I know you have been thinking "Where's the Red Phoenix Autumn/Winter collection for 2013?"
It's called the "Covet" collection and it's almost here.
The style team at jjobrienclimbing recently put the always fabulous, and very tall, Elena Atanasov under the lights to bring you the look.

You'll remember Elena from the Red Phoenix collection launch at Stone and Metal last year.
There's Nate Foster, Kirsten and Jo Zhou too.

Elena modelled the luscious black sequin shift dress.

Pick from many colours of the shoulder dusting tassel earrings also in tiny cut glass beads and seed pearls.

This seasons statement necklaces are way awesome over sized slabs of crystal, rose quartz, delicate aquamarine, howlite and of cause more agate.

That's the "In the Navy" shift dress.

The look came together with the "It's all geometric to me" shift dress, new season scarf, the most massive statement series necklace and cut glass tassel earrings. 
I'm proud to say, all from Red Phoenix Emporium.

My personal fav "Covet Thy Necklace" includes aquamarine.

The statement piece "You're my desire"

New season RPE scarves, silver sequin shift, new bracelet sets and the latest necklaces with detachable metallic finish leather tassel.

    The "Never Enough Necklaces" necklace.

The "Cross the Seven Seas" necklace.

Red Phoenix style team.

Thanks Elena, you make the whole collection shine. Follow Elena on instagram @lenaatanasov

A small fortune has been invested in the new website which goes live in June.
New iPad and iPhone compatible versions included.