Saturday, May 14, 2011

We love new gear.


The very wise marketing team at Wild Country (UK) were concerned about me climbing on French made gear. Not safety, style.
They are so style conscious, the Brits.
So they chose this  stunning outfit for me.
The Wild Country Ultralite Elite harness. 
And they racked it up, left and right, with their latest and totally techno-fabulous Helium quickdraws.

Climbers, you know I'm not that fussy about harnesses and quickdraws, I've used a lot of junk in my time and I never blame my gear, but when I took this lot for a burl today I felt like I was using the best.
Good gear matters.

The Helium Quickdraws are absolutely superb.
They are lighter than anything I've used before.
The dogbones are fat, the way I like them, and
the wire gate secures in an ingenious recessed fashion, no doubt made possible by tricky new manufacturing techniques.
And how good do they look?

The first matching set of quickdraws I ever bought were Wild Country, and I fondled them all the way home in the car from Brisbane.

I don't know what a quickdraw will look like in 10 years, but for now this is as good as it gets.
Thanks Wild Country, thanks Steve Foster.

Gushing, I know.
But don't tell me you guys haven't slept with your new gear beside your bed.

Good night.


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