Thursday, June 30, 2011


Forgive me for:
A. Asking your name more than once when we meet at the crag.
     I want to get to know everyone but I'm not great with names.

B. Blogging photos of myself. I'll keep it to a minimum.

C. Plus the usual stuff, coveting neighbours asses, trespassing, etc.

The loss of another of our precious own last week re-enforces my quest to know and value every one of you out there.
We are bound by our compulsion to climb harder and higher. It's not a trivial activity. It gives meaning to life. Clint gave more meaning to his life and ours through his climbing.

Getting involved in your striving for excellence is what enriches my climbing.

Scott Hailstone and I got up early to get these shots.
"Black Leather Dungarees" 26 at Coolum Cave has been untouched for years. Such an impressive route.
It's high and steep.
Years ago I made a start on developing this route.
I couldn't make sense of such crazy terrain and called on the expertise of Lee Cujes to map it out and send it.

Don't do this move.

Climbers, many things make us different but this is what makes us the same.
We love the fight, the struggle and swinging around high off the ground.

Wardrobe: models own.
The T-Shirt features an ancient Buddhist text refering to the nature of the world as illusion.
Illusion or not, I'm in.

That shoe I'm putting in your face would be the Red Chili Carona VCR
You don't have to watch the ads.

It's a big deal for me.
I am now honoured to be part of the Wild Country team with my own special page on their UK site.

That's the Wild Country Elite Ultralite  harness and Helium quickdraws.
It's just the gear you want for redpointing a route like BLD.
Radically light with superior action.

Here I am representing Red Chili on the Expedition Equipment site.

Brisbane climbers, you can get this amazing gear from local rockstar Oliver at K2

 I know you wanted to see a kneebar.
This one is bomber, and I never thought to use it when I first sent this route.
Age brings cunning.
It also brings laziness, senility and incontinence, but we make the most of it.

All photos: Scott Hailstone
Scott is about to embark on  a year long journey
through the worlds most amazing places.
Take care. Everyone.
Thanks Scott


  1. It's sad. A post about me didn't even make it onto the popular posts list on my own blog. Dam you Nate!!

  2. JJ, we love you down here! Keep up the lyrical, witty postings.

  3. Yes- thanks for being original AND funny!

    It's a rare gift to be funny - especially dry wit - but original should be easy - amazing how much sameness out there considering our perfect inner diversity...

    Thanks JJ