Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Balance - rest - mindfulness. And a competition.

Climbers I have just returned from a family holiday in Bali. Again. And I'm not entirely happy about it. Returning that is.
However, while I was there I dropped in to Ubud Adventure, across the road from my sumptuous accommodation at De Ubud Villas. More on that later.
There's no rock climbing to speak of in Bali, but the trekking is absolutely spectacular. So you'll need gear.

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The rules:
The winning comment will make me laugh, impress me, or make me weak with pity. Or all three.
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I've only got 10 google followers and at least half of them don't want a T-Shirt. I'll give you a week, or so.

Ubud Adventure stock the Indonesian Consina range of gear.
Packs, T-Shirts (like the one above), clothes, tents.

Madé and Sudanti look after the store.
They are so delightful.
If I had a shop I'd poach them.

Sudanti with the range of packs.
Hundreds of them.

Look for the big sign down the end of Hanoman st.where it swings in toward the Monkey Forest.

Ah, back to the Villa.

I think Willow sums up the mood of the holiday here, relaxing in the poolside balé.
 Sandra and Lotus at one of our fav restaurants, Casa Luna.

The extended fam. On the walk from Bentuyung to Ubud.

10 days. No climbing.
Just cafes.
Attending the Legong dancing at the palace, three times, I love it.
Hanging with the family.

Q. Did you visit any agricultural areas during your visit?
A. Um.....No?
Q. Are you bringing in any more than $10,000.00 in cash?
A. Are you kidding, have you seen how my family can shop?

 We did a photo shoot for the Red Phoenix range of Jewellery and clothing while we were at the Villa.
Willow wearing "Black Jewels" necklace from the Red Phoenix range.
Lotus wears the "Batik Bella" shift and "Limoncello" necklace both from the Red Phoenix, Dolce Vita collection available from The Tribune
Location: Ku De Ta, Seminyak, Bali.

 Climbers, I'll come clean. I didn't climb Agung this time, but here's a couple of shots from my last climb a year ago.
Mt. Agung - 10,300 ft or there abouts. It's steep, high, freezing cold, it smolders with sulphur and probably my very favourite place.

I've walked along this ridge a few times over the years. The path from Bentuyung, down to Ubud, through padi, deep dark gorges on either side.
I have often stopped and wondered how the village priests decide where to place the small shines that can be seen everywhere. Shrines to Dewi Sri, Goddess of the rice. I know the placement is important, but what is it about a particular place that makes it important?
Back at my forest home in Australia, one night, I dreamt that I could see the subtle energy that gives power to place. It was so effortless and obvious.
I felt fresh and strong. It reminds me to stay aware of subtlety as I hammer my way through the day.


  1. If I win a t-shirt will it increase my grade by 2, just by having been handled a hon-mastr[TM]?
    Can I stretch it down over my knee during a kneebar to stop my surgery scar grinding on the rock?
    Will the colours fade when I get glasshouse cave dust ground into it from an overnight hermit stay?
    Nice site. Log on baby. Where's your sales portal?

  2. As one of the "missing" family members (who was diving in the warm Pacific Ocean 4088 kms away) you should put me in the race for the red T. Imagine the curious looks when I turn up for a dive wearing a "Mount-Aineering" T. Bubbles all the way :) L

  3. Rob, this comp is not as easy as "catch a plane to Brisbane - outclimb every other competitor in the state - grab the money and run", you have to actually become a follower.(click "Follow")
    Come on, join the cult.
    Where's the sales portal? First build the following.

  4. If I persist, and post 150 comments, will I win a T-shirt?


  5. It seems Rob is not the Rob I thought. Identify yourself Rob. Send me your address, otherwise Houghton is our winner.
    Send your postal addresses to or leave it here.

  6. Dalam bahasa Indonesia kami berbicara "Saya suka naik gunung seperti semua penaik yang baik". Sebagai saya tidak berbahasa indonesia selama tahun banyak ini mungkin dengar brengsek.

    I need this T-shirt. I need it because I have an old fixie (bike) in the shed of similar colours. Wearing the shirt with skinny jeans may allow me to ride through West End to get to urban climb without being looked at as a bearded hobo.
    Yes I grew a beard at the Gramps and Araps this year and now look like a homeless man in my shabby clothes when I go through West End. Oh the shame.
    Bottom Line: I spend all my clothes money on fuel and new climbing gear over easter (at the pines).

  7. Too late Templar. Definitley a winning comment but it's already gone, but I think I can find a consolation prize.

  8. Looking at the dates of these posts was way too late. Oh well...