Thursday, March 31, 2011

"Evil's" bastard son.

What is it about this shot? I like it, but I find it unsettling.
The twisty posture? The way the rock receeds so sharply away, the rope trail?
No, something else.
It could be the toe hook.
 It stirs dread in me. Is that not the weakest move in a climbers bag?
Using a muscle designed to do no more that lift the foot for walking.

Frey Yule on his route "Evil Knievel" 29 (8a)
Starts up "Evil Wears No Pants" then goes left.

There's usually no elegant way of releasing a toe hook either. It's hook or cut loose.


The mandatory cut loose. And a chance for me to check the soles of Freys shoes up close.
Hmm, no special tread pattern, he must just be strong.

                                                                               That's Sister Matt on belay.

Dark, moody possibilities, all of them marginal.

Climbers, I know you are all thinking "let me at it" but this one looks veeery tricky.

Come in out of the rain Frey.


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