Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Nick Sutter

So I'm reading the "Find other climbers" forum on  http://www.qurank.com/
And here's this casual sort of, "anyone keen to climb at Coolum on Friday, contact Nick 555 *****" type of thing.
Nick? Nick who? Nah.
The equivalent of reading on a muso's forum "anyone keen for a jam on the weekend, Keith"  

So I get there on Saturday to hear Nick Sutter was here yesterday.  W H A T !!!???
New rule: When someone gives their first name on qurank - ask their second.

Don't panic readers, he turns up again on Saturday and jjobrienclimbing is there to get some shots.
Nick sent the Matt Eaton (co-Kiwi) cave problem  "4 Metres of Madness" 8a
Thing is, his knees never touched the rock. I don't think the locals knew what they were seeing.

He made some kind of remark about the first bolt being in a weird position. Nick, mate, no one has ever climbed to the first bolt without stick clipping.

Have you ever had that dream? All climbers have had it. The one where you are almost weightless, just pulling effortlessly across a roof. It was like watching that. I love that dream.

Then it's everyone back to doing what they were doing.


  1. So that would be a FAWK - FA without kneebars?

  2. Nick your a legend 'Keith Richards of the climbing world' Very Cool Love your sister

  3. Nat, your bro rocks as hard as Keef.