Thursday, March 10, 2011

Fashion Friday

Helmets are as much about fashion as they are about protection. They make a statement about who you are and what you hold to be true.

Take this old guy I met at Boars Head in the Blue Mts. years ago.
Head torch permanently taped to the helmet says: "I get off route badly and often. I accept that, and I have dealt with it. Let's go abseiling".

Turkish bread, I think they call it that in Egypt, sticky taped to your head says: "I care about my brains, but when I'm done  with political rioting I like to share a bit of lunch with my mates.

What is that, an ancient cracked wok? This guy is cool, he's into the Keffiyeh, Arab Scarf, it's so stylish right now, but he also likes a bit of shade with his skull pro. He is going strapless. He is not a pianist, so he can risk finger injury if needed.

The tri-botlle scarf combo is always a winner. I favour this one for Tinbeerwah in summer. Stuck at the third pitch belay while some stupid mate is dropping bolt plates on you and dragging the day out? Thirsty?
But for full cushioning effect cap those bottles.

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