Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Queensland State Comp 2011 Results.

So many excellent competitors. So many categories. Shall we start?
In the Masters, jjobrienclimbing is utterly convinced that Brisbane urban style leader and Popeye's nemisis Elie Moubarak was robbed with Second position.
Are the judges blind?!
This tough guy oozes style.
I mean, the man behind Brisbane’s successful West End cocktail joint Lychee Lounge and the new Fortitude Valley swank pad Laruche.
How stylish do you have to be to get First?


 He makes young Nate Foster and Joey Driver look like sweet little kids. 
 They're just a lovely bunch of boys, aren't they?

Seriously? Second?

I can only imagine the judges were trying to bust up those Ferguson boys,
who they placed First and Third.

Sure, they did look cool in their uncarvedblock promo T-shirts. But I still think it was rigged.

I've got a sneaky feeling the offical
 photographer for the night was in on it too.


  1. I am on a mission to change the general public's perception that climbers are actually cool and stylish....... From what could see last Sunday at the comp. i am driving this point, on my own..... especially witnessing what Nate and Joe were wearing. Didn't even know you could still purchase that kind and style of attire.... holy shit man!!!!!

  2. You lead the way Elie, I'll spread the word. Go!