Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Big Chili

Meet the sponsors.
The "Big Chili", Steve Foster, came out from the UK.
Matt Adams came up from Sydney.
And I took the day off work.

Photo: Lee Cujes
Team Chili
 We talked shoes. We climbed. Matt crushed. I ate carbs for lunch for the first time in yonks.
What a perfect day!

Matt knocked off Screaming Insanity in no time at all.

How much do I want these little beauties? I got a special preview today. I love them. I want them.
So much rubber, so much style.
             The new Matador lace, by Red Chili of course.
                                      I can't wait to test drive them.
                                  Click the photo to enlarge the image.

In the mean time I've got these sharp new Caronas.

What to wear, what to wear?

Thanks guys, I love them. jj


  1. How come Matt Adams is the only person that climbs at Coolum without kneepads? I suspect it's just old-school Nowra toughness.

  2. Put it this way, Matt was the only one in tears at the end of the day.
    I had to go straight from the crag to a leg modeling shoot, so I had to wear pads.
    Nick Sutter, there's another matter. No pads, no tears.

  3. Matt proved very strong and had really good control.
    He shunned the repeated offer of pads. Perhaps it was ethics, perhaps it was hygiene.

  4. He's still bearing the scars. Lesson learned.