Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Simon Carter has been responsible for so many of us taking up the life of climbing.
Climbers, you remember the first time you saw a Simon Carter photo. We all had the same experience. The urgent, desperate need to buy some gear and get out there. It was a glimpse of what was possible.

So when he put on a show in Brisbane in July everyone and their belayer turned up. I think the opportunity to get closer to the source of our inspiration was irresistible.

That, and Monique Forestier, who is currently smashing every hard route in this corner of the State.

 Monique supported the team on the night with a beautiful Red Phoenix Emporium bespoke necklace featuring Tibetan turquoise.

Over 150 people were entranced by the best climbing shots from around the world.

In the collage you'll see Andrew Lightfoot, Rob Saunders, Duncan Steel, Brad Babel, Simon Carter, Bochere Rand, Tracey, Henk, Sam and Lee Cujes, Suzy G, and more

 But it's not all about the climbing. We blew the morning off fooling around at the beach with Coco in the glorious winter sun. I lacked the basic timing skills to keep dry while getting water in the bucket.
I love the new Bronson pant. Thanks Prana and Expedition Equipment.  If I had one tiny criticism it would be that the cuffs get a little heavy when they are full of sand and sea water. Not usually an issue at the crag.

Photo sequence: Simon Carter

Monique sent the always awesome Lee Cujes route, Gasoline Rainbow 28, without too much mucking around. I didn't have the chops for it this time. That route is way too much fun. So many funky moves.

 Photo: Phil Box
Sterling Rope climber Monique Forestier gets some Velocity 9.8 between her teeth.

Photo: Phil Box

photo: Phil Box

A quick celebration back at the belay.
Photo: Selfie

And there goes the Coolum Classic, Screaming Insanity.

Thanks Simon and Monique for bringing so much fun and talent to the local crags.

P.S. Monique, moments ago, (10/8/2012) sent Whistling Kite 32 at Frog Buttress, making the first female ascent.

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