Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Red Phoenix Emporium

Climbers, you know I'm a style watcher. And you've seen a couple of my photos from various fashion launches.
This year I have been honored to become more involved in Red Phoenix Emporium.
RPE is a family business and I can't tell you how proud I am of their progress so far.

Getting to the point of shooting for the new collection has taken a whole year and I can't help but share of a few scenes from the day with you.
Here's a peek at Red Phoenix Emporium Autumn/Winter Collection 2012
The collection is on the website. It's the "All that Glitters" collection.

 Kristen is on fire modelling our new pure silk dress, a photographic print of a Thai sunset, repeated and reflected. The necklace hangs three slabs of Agate from a string of Tibetan Mountain Coral

Jo wears silk with a photographic print of ruined monasteries on frozen ground, taken on our recent trip across the Tibetan Plateau.

You already know these abs. They belong to Nate
He sports the new dude wear from Red Phoenix, An addition to the usual RPE, this is my influence.
The "Double Dragon" pants in Chinese brocade featuring the double dragon motif.  Necklace: "They Only Come Out at Night" Lava stone, obsidian skulls, dyed turquoise skulls and a suspended central Pyrite skull and black onyx crucifix. Lusciously dark.

Heloise is a stunner in the silk Chili dress, a photographic print of dried chillies from a roadside eatery on the first bend of the Yangtze, of all places.

This collection includes the sequined shift dress, here in black. Also comes in bronze and silver.

Double Dragon again.

We are delighted to have Winona the intern on board!!!

Thanks Nate, for standing in the middle of the city in pyjamas.
You pulled it off well.

Here's the stylist team, Lotus and Willow on the shoot, working under a heavy burden of gems.

No one got arrested, mercifully.
Wear RPE and stay out of fashion prison.



  1. I tried on the pants and my abs went nuts - cancelled my gym membership and ordered some beads for the's hoping!

  2. Anonymous, if that is your real name. It totally works. Guaranteed.

    1. You have restored my faith in consumerism, laziness and the "Ponds Institute". It seems you can buy (legal)happiness, you can look good and still have time to watch TV!! A warning though....and this should be on the packaging...if you drink20 beers the abs wear off...a bit.

  3. Faithful readers, this "Anonymous" is a dissident ratbag member of my very own family. But don't be fooled, he is a rampant consumer with abs of steel.

    1. Thanks for breaking my cover, the fashion police are already tapping my phone and I think there are surveillance cameras in my cupboard. Anyway something is making a low buzz in there.
      I've been studying fashion for some time now and here' the thing - well its not really a thing - unless a thought can be a thing, but surely it would have to be fully formed to be a thing, unlike the random mish-mash of confusion that runs through my mind - (which I know from living inside it is very un-thingy); and perhaps too it should have a purpose, and some intrinsic value; before it can take on thing status. Because afterall -"every-thing" has a value. On reflection what I was goiung to say obout fashion is not "The Thing". What I was going to offer turns out to be an incomplete ,purposless,valueless offering ........(thank GOD for the internet and the it opportunities it provides), and as I was about to say "This stuff is cool - I can see its purpose!!"