Monday, August 20, 2012

I'm going to Jackson

Sandra and I took this last weekend to visit the most beautiful and soul nourishing Jackson Cafe & Gallery in Melbourne. That's all we did. We went to Melbourne and went to a cafe.

Some of you know my amazing brother Peter O'Brien. Artist, thinker, writer, adventurer.
He has opened the Jackson Cafe & Gallery at 412 Rathdown Street Nth. Carlton.

The opening exhibition is by Peter, himself. Seven rooms of subversion, dreams and poetry.

A science researcher from the nearby University of Melbourne keeps the conversation elevated.

"Ethical Pickles" are stacked for sale on the table. I know some people would fly further than Melbourne to get a jar of these fiery Eggplant Pickles.

At the heart of the cafe is the organic, fair trade Segafredo coffee. 

Annie and Peter
So much stainless in the kitchen.


 I drank four cups of coffee in a day. A personal best. Nothing bad happened. Good to know.

The music: you'll  hear up to the minute local Melbourne funk and jazz musicians who drop in for coffee and check on their CD sales. Next minute you'll be drifting away through the years with the poetry of Bob Dylan and Cohen.

We stayed at Peter and Annie's place in carlton Nth.

But we did go outside. Sandra has just turned 55 and is looking fabulous, so I took a moment off from drinking coffee to capture her urban style.


 Back to the warmth and the papers.

Two days of art, science and coffee. Time to go.
 Sandra booked a Getz for us. Avis gave us a Holden Supercar, racing pack and all.
Climbers, you know I drive like a pensioner but pulling out into Lygon Street, across the tram tracks, in the high competition evening traffic, on a mission to the airport, we put it to use.

Peter revives the form, poetry and hand drawing.
Our dear old friend Kevin. He is dedicated to crafts of ancient cultures. Vikings, Celts.

Life long friend Janet wears a celtic knot in copper, by Kevin.
 Sandra prepares the Red Phoenix Emporium capsule collection as passersby look in.
 Interesting small rooms upstairs boldly exhibit art.
 The schoolroom, for meetings

 No wifi. So why don't you just tell me what you had for lunch?
 Fall deeply into the art that surrounds you.

Oil and oil paint on canvas.

 Annie.             Annie's coral bicycle.
 The rooms are beautiful and surprising, a hidden staircase, an unexpected light well.

Home made vegetable soup with turkish bread, coffee, fire.
The Red Phoenix Emporium capsule collection.

 Peter can justifiably look satisfied. He has achieved a beautiful, intelligent atmosphere that I know will be loved by artists, coffee seekers and conversationalists. Thank you Peter.

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  1. Excellent synopsis with marvellous photos! Thanks for sharing...

  2. Love all the photos, can't wait to visit Jackson Cafe & Gallery myself!! L xx