Monday, November 7, 2011

Every trick in the book.

He's got a job at the new Coles. He's got his P licence. 2 weeks of school left. But something is missing. A new tick.

Matt pauses at the start of his new second pitch route to allow the camera to make a wardrobe decision. Yellow La Sportiva?

And we go with the white Bob Dylan singlet.

He gets the gear sorted, I work out the angles, and it's go time.

The route straight away sucks him in close with a gaston, undercling, stem combo.

It pushes him deeper into the scoop, unknowingly playing to his flexibility strengths.

 It goads him onto it's thorny bollards and tries to lure him into cutting loose, thus ripping his fore arm flesh, he resists and stays firmly attached.

Then it's the old "hang on my magic hold till your arms drop off" trick.

There's Bob staring at you.

He sees through it and punches on.

 Uh oh.        Climbers, we've all fallen for this one. 
It's the massive lunge off the slopey crimp and the end of the route story.

This route knows all the dirty tricks.

 Even Matty falls for it this time.

PS. Matt sent the route today 13/11/2011 calling it Tropic Thunder, 27


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