Thursday, November 17, 2011

Max power - warning puns ahead.

AKA Max Pietrzak
Max is amped to meet his potential.
Starting from way back in the field and staying positive, Max has charged ahead.

Climbers, I won't tell you what max does for a living. I don't want you to bug him endlessly for advice on treatments for your sore tendons and muscles.

Max has generated some renewed energy for this Coolum Cave problem.

 I got excited and plugged in for some of this action myself.
Is that not the sexiest pair of Red Chili Matadors you've seen?

Back to Max 

Static moves? Resistance training?

This was no flash. Maxy ran circuits on this problem till he had it wired, and got the send today.
 Onya Max, the boulder editor at jjobrienclimbing admires persistence.

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  1. Thanks JJ, nice pics and buns, I meant puns, yes very amped today just charged the last move and as you said after all the work there was little resistance left. Might try to reverse the current direction next, think it's called KAPOW!