Saturday, June 18, 2011

And still they come

Outbound Immigration in New Zealand have a hangboard.
If you can stick to the two finger slopers, for more than a minute, they let you pass.
Oliver Miller is the latest to get through to Australia.

First they sent Matt Eaton to put up the cave's then hardest line
"A Knee Bar too Far" 8a 29

Frey Yule came on the same boat I think.

After Matt became injured they put Sebastian Loewensteijn on the plane.

In a moment of overkill they sent the original Kiwi Krusher -
 Nick Sutter

Now we get the crimp fiend Oliver Miller.

All right we get it. You've got a factory over there.

He was sent specifically to bring down the Antoine Moussette open project, working title, "Taking Care of Business."

He just may be the one to do it.

His passport says he is 24. He's been climbing for 12 years, predominantly at Castle Hill.
12 years? Can that be right? Probably in some harsh government run climbing camp where they force kids to train in brutal, freezing conditions.
And feed them nothing but fush.

We are honoured to have you Oliver.
Do what you were sent for.

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  1. Ha hahha ah ahahaha jost fush bro.

    That last picture is an amazing perspective!