Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Here at jjobrienclimbing we are currently experiencing some technical difficulties with Blogger.
I'm with you, I can't believe the good people at Google would let this happen to such a site.
I won't be pushing this post, so welcome, if you found it. In the meantime sit back and reminisce with me a year after my visit to China and Tibet.

Enjoy this soothing image of our room at the Banyan Tree in Deqin in Yunnan province in China or Tibet, as you will. It would not be overstating it to say that Sandra liked this place.
3,500M of altitude, nothing but yaks and snow. Absolutely beautiful.
The bathroom was downstairs. Wild yaks couldn't drag us away.

But, as always, there was climbing to be done. So I pulled on my Chinese volleys and sampled the local granite at Tiger Leaping Gorge. The route marking was velly helpful.

Climbers, don't tell my Red Chili sponsors you saw me climbing in volleys.
( Bouldering, doesn't count.)

Everest looms. Chinese base camp is just up the road. Thin air, bright sun, stillness, reverence.

Bike Rack Mountain, Central China.
I can't remember when I've ever had so much fun.
I didn't want to leave. Some of the stuff just made me laugh so much, it was so inappropriately dangerous.

Model wears: Prana 3/4 pant. I think the photo shoot reveals that the pants are about three inches too long. Have your say.
That guy has got a printer and a laminater in that box. His mate will take your photo. A few Yuan and it's yours.

Everest again.
Remember Sheepy? My favorite black cashmere jacket?
Everest tent hotel. How amazing is that?

Returning via Hong Kong
They are going to need a bigger sun
 to get through that air.

Ah, back home at the jjobrienclimbing rainforest retreat.


  1. So I fix the blog so the pics don't go under the sidebar and what does he do? Makes the pics bigger.

    Lovely post by the way :)

  2. Blogger won't let me in to all the editor tools. Very frustrating I've got climbing blogs to post but I didn't want to muck them up.

  3. Stunning pictures. I still can't believe you guys went to Tibet!!