Monday, February 14, 2011

Meet the Reeves

Let's start with Mrs. Reeve shall we?
Here's a beautiful example of the human spirit.
First climbing experience: The long, rambling "Caves Route", Grade 4.
For our international readers - that does not rate on your scale. It's too easy.
Totally freaked, and swore off climbing forever.
But something internally had changed.
She unlocked her inner steep climber.

Can't get much steeper than that.
"Hung Like a Fruit Bat" 25 Coolum Cave

Let Ruth Reeve be a warning to 'fraidy women everywhere. Find your bravery, and you too could spend a year upside down working a route like this.

Too much with the new "Logo" draws?
You think?

The camera has trouble focusing on the climber when they are in frame.


You think I've forgotten Mr Reeve?
Hey, I'm not saying he is old, but here's a shot from the 30's of Dave on Hung Like a Fruit Bat.

Hey Dave, you got the time?

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