Thursday, February 17, 2011

Man Fashion Friday

Model wears:
3/4 Pant - models own design 100% nylon, gusseted climbing pant, tailored in Shenzhen, China for jjobrienclimbing.
Shirt - models own design,100% silk, with gold thread brocade, reclaimed Idian Sari fabric. Tailored in Shenzhen for jjobrienclimbing.
Glasses - Shanghai Tang HK
Croc knock offs - HK street market
Location Coolum Cave.

OMG is that international Aussie rock star Lee Cujes?

Model looks hot in:

Jeans: by G Star Raw

Inner Jacket: in lime by Boulders and Nuts (models' exclusive clothing sponsor)

Faux leather bomber: unpurchased I suspect,
by the dead stock and sample cult mega-label "Mee and Gee" of Hong Kong

Glasses: unknown

Location: Mee and Gee, Tung Choi Do HK
(upstair for man)

Photo: Sam Cujes, on Lee's iPhone presumably

Welcome home to Australia, Lee and Sam.


  1. I'm loving the fashion here.. I am so inspired to start dressing up for my cliff-time

  2. Fashion is what sets climbers apart from the monkeys. Just.