Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Man Fashion Friday

Songzanlin Monastery - Yunnan Province (Lets call it China for now shall we)
The models:
jj wears - jeans by G Star
Various layers of fine New Zealand wool and Chinese silk.
God knows who made that butt-aweful hat. (I've still got it)
Shades by Shaghai Tang
Cashmere jacket "Sheepy" by Lowes I think.
Sheepy and I parted ways at Hong Kong airport after almost 20 years together.
I miss you Sheepy.
Small model -  is absolutley rockin' this sharp little wool/poly mix combo.
I really must learn to work that  hand-in-jacket-roomy-trousers-lowered-face-angle look.
This is the standard we are up against today boys, so lift your game or get left behind by a four year old from remote China.

And a big, handsome, shirtless Frenchman never goes out of style, non?
Antoine - Photo: jjobrien

Did you mean "Girl Fashion Friday"?


  1. Is he going to clip all four? YAY SAFETY!

  2. Clipping one quickdraw might be OK for you, skinny boy.

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