Saturday, October 13, 2012

Home in 50mm

Saturday. I'm exhausted from a hard week at work. Sandra and I have been out for coffee, and to a Gemfest in Nambour. We bought a beautiful 9crt gold ring set with three untreated sapphires from the miner himself.

Early afternoon and I have to find an activity to stop myself from going climbing.
Challenge: Photograph our house with one lens only. Easy choice; 50mm.

Sandra always has flowers in the house, dead or alive.

 Javanese day bed.
Table - recycled timber made by Sandra's brother Ray.
 Old round table we've had forever. 
Art: Peter K. O'Brien, my brother, oil/wax/oil paint/petrol/sand and canvas on canvas. c 1969
 The bookshelf Ray and I built for our old mud brick house, painfully relocated. Never again.
 So many things from so many places. Printing block from India, Tjantings from Java.

 Our dear friend Jenny, no longer with us, made this Ganesh, gold painted.

 Saraswati keeps and eye on the phone. My favourite knife is the Shun, folded Japanese steel.
 We sleep here. The Buddha reclines. The bedroom is separated from the rest of the house.
 Sandra's collection of True Religion jeans. Mine are G-Star.
 Versace, DVF, Hermes,
 Pearls and beads from all over the world.

 Sandra pads around the house making things and just looking beautiful.

 Afternoon sunlight illuminates the cobwebs on the stool that Ray made from discarded wood.
 Museum collections in every corner. We never quite achieved minimalism.

My Sitar, now unused, I studied when I was a teenager. Ravi Shankar was my idol.

 Take in the detail.
A collection of all the Christmas cards that Sandra has made.
 Shells, bells, clocks.
 Things on top of things, filled with things. All of them beautiful.
 Sandra makes intricate blankets for every baby born to family, relatives, friends.
 Quiet afternoon sun.

 Climbers, I couldn't do it. I went out for a climb at Tinbeerwah. Having a crag a few minutes away is just too tempting.
When I return it's getting dark, Sandra is still making things. The Singer treadle machine is 110 years old.
A blanket for our Niece's new baby.

The very legendary Mike Law, AKA The "Claw" arrives in the morning to go climbing.
That's a nice thing to think about tonight.
I should have been in bed hours ago.


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  1. So many treasures and beautiful memories. A gold and sapphire ring! Has all this wedding planning finally rubbed off on you two? ;) L xx