Friday, October 7, 2011

The Straw Brothers


 Just say for example you were from Colorado and you had dual U.S. - Australian Citizenship.
Then imagine you were fanatical about snow boarding and climbing.
And your older brother was too.
Take into account that Colorado has aguably some of the best powder in the world and is not such a shabby place for climbing either.

Then lets just say you chose to live most of your life in Brisbane.
Either there's a girl I don't know about, or he's running from the law.
Eric: As above, but 3 years older.
Good choice boys?

..The Straw Brothers take to "Black Leather Dungarees" at Coolum and find out all about the hype, the pump, and the pure excitment of one of the Cave's best and highest.


Alex on "the slab" section of the route. Not a slab. Just not as crazy steep.

Whether you claim to be a boulderer or a boarder, you are going to need a beanie.
Otherwise who's going to believe you?

Climbers, don't just dream about being as cool as these guys, do what I do  - copy their look.
Get the "Climber Beanie", hand made from un-dyed Alpaca and Merino wool, at Red Phoenix Emporium

Or at least click on the link to see the boys represent Red Phoenix, the uber cool, cult style outfitters to the very chic. 

Good choice boys.

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