Monday, October 17, 2011

Chicken for Pink October

I couldn't find a model with bluer eyes, so here's Chicken Vuorinen. Chicken is his real name I think, but he gets Chicko a bit.

This is one organic Chicken, fed phat on folk music and permaculture.
He scratches a living in Outdoor Ed 

Let's get this story started. Get your shirt off Chicken

Chicken says he doesn't have a style.
jjobrienclimbing&style says he does.   Mate, you're a HIPPIE.

ink by: jjobrienclimbing

October is the Cancer Councils' pink ribbon month.  jjobrienclimbing endorses the cause and encourages climbers to spend and raise pink dollars all this month.
Chicken does his bit for conscience raising in this pink accessories ensemble of cap, rope and knee pads, framing a pink heart necklace.

Flightless here on Coolum's steepest,  this Chicken thrives on a rope but is just a comfortable free ranging on blocs.
Chicken has been working his way up Queensland climbing's pecking order for a lot of years now.
Not one to be cooped up, Chicken likes to get around and although he rates Coolum as world class his favorite run is Mallorca DWS.

Climbers, you can get Chickens very tasty look at  Red Phoenix (site currently under re-construction)

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