Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Danny Friedman

Danny was always the guy on the other end of the phone.
Danny I need 200M of rope. Danny I need 50 harnesses. Danny I need 100 carabiners.
Danny works at K2, I manage a school camp.
So it was a delight to meet him and find out he's a really sweet guy and a motivated climber.

Now when I say sweet guy, it turns out he's got a creepy side.

Like you, I browse the net for comforting stories about kittens and sunshine.
Danny's guilty pleasure is immersing himself online in the ugly world of gruesome crime.
     I know, what a sicko! But it turns out he is a trained Forensic Scientist. OK, forgiven.

I feel sick, let's see some climbing.

Danny set off in 2009, climbing the modest grade of 21, to Turkey, Kaly and Ton Sai, picking up four grades along the way.


Then more Thailand, Castle Hill and Bluies. And before you can say deoxyribonucleic acid he is ticking "Spoonman" 28

Danny says his goal is to tick 8a by the end of his Euro Tour this year.
His friends say he is stronger than he thinks.

Senior climbing analysts here at jjobrienclimbing have reviewed the available data and can confidently predict he will better it by 2012.

 I don't want to make this sound like a dating profile but here's the twist:
He's a sweety, no doubt. He has a jones for Gummy Bears, but don't expect him to sit through a Rom Com with you.
He likes his films Noir, and his music on the dark side.

Danny is off to the Grampians tomorrow, presumably to leave his fingerprints all over Taipan Wall.
The investigation continues.



  1. What's the deal with that ugly dog collar shackle on the Spoonman traverse? That doesn't meet our high standards.

  2. I think it was left behind by the draw thieves.
    I'll get forensics on to it.

  3. Well, just Danny then, surely?

  4. Set up a crime seen Danno