Thursday, January 27, 2011

Fashion Friday

Here at jjobrienclimbing we've had hundreds of letters from readers and from the girls over at our sister site, Red Phoenix Style, asking when will you feature
Nate Foster on Fashion Friday.
That day has come.

Nate's mate Tom describes his look as "Cruzey with a touch of magical Harry Potter"
jjobrienclimbing calls it "L.A. ink meets Aussie Surf Slacker" You be the judge.

The Red Phoenix girls will confirm it's all about accessories. Shoes and Bags and Jewellery.

Nate accessorises a mad psy-skull short with a Chaos harness from Black Diamond, Petzyl quickdraws and a classic Gri Gri in distressed yellow.

                                   Sometimes he wears a shirt.               Sometimes he doesn't.

Coolum Caveman Nate Foster:
                            Heavy on style.          Light on substance (abuse).

Here's where the Surf Slacker bit comes in.
Nate - get into a pair of Red Chilis and you are going to climb better and look the goods.
I know it was Straya Day but maaaaate.

So Nate, wave to stylish bloggers: 


  1. You have the wrong URL on your photos buddy.

  2. Well spotted, that URL is actually an idle blog space of mine.

  3. Sorry, did I say "yellow"? I meant lemon.