Sunday, December 2, 2012

Starring Nobody

I took on a touch too much this weekend. Huge group at work, cooking for 150 hungry black belts, rush out for a lap on the project with Lee and Sam, dash to Brissy for photos with The Red Phoenix Style team (AKA my twin daughters), back to work for Ethical Pickles production team (Yaana and Sandra) and more.
Let's just say corners were cut. Things were compromised. Mistakes were made.
But the results were fab.
Celebrity blogger "Starring Nobody" AKA Kirsten Morrison modeled some stunning threads by some totally important designers.
But this is not one of them. Lotus picked up this sparkly number in the op shop for 10 bucks. That's immersion quality clothing. And in she went.

The whole shoot was for the client "The French Peg" a sweet little Paddington boutique.
But this is not that.

Climbers, it's possible you are getting a pre-release peek at The Red Phoenix Emporium collection of necklaces and earrings "Nature in Neon"
This cowboy blogger never checks permissions. No time.


The style team at jjobrienclimbing are totally and utterly impressed with the new collection, seriously I don't know how those girls keep hitting the trend bang on.

Kirsten looks superb in this rig, confirming the fact that an RPE necklace will make a $10 dress look a million. That's a fact.

Snapped between shivering bouts. Kirsten is die hard dedicated to style.

Is the collection online yet? Keep checking Red Phoenix Emporium or drop into The French Peg
2/237 Given Tce, Paddington Brisbane.

There is nothing this girl has not covered in style on her blog
Thank you Kirsten, Lotus, Willow and all for another amazing shoot.



  1. Love the colors JJ the aqua of the water mixed with bright colors and dark hair looks amazing keep up the good work

  2. Thanks Dad, great photography as always. I like that this shoot involved some 'climbing' if you count scrambling on top of a fence and water tank to get the perfect shot!

    Yes! The collection is live and yes this is a sneak peek, more to come soon!

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