Thursday, November 22, 2012

Noosa with Nate Foster

Location: Boiling Pot - Noosa National Park
Model: Nate Foster
Photos: jjobrienclimbing

I was thinking about Boiling Pot recently. Gritty short cliffs over sensuous worn stones, washed by the sea. I used to climb there when I first started. The place has been photographed to bits in every Noosa coffee table type book but I think there's potential for good bouldering photography. 
Here's what Nate and I came up with.

I think a million people or more visit Noosa National Park every year. There's a constant stream of families with boogie boards and towels colliding with each other on the path, as they migrate from carpark to beach to next beach and back.
Only one or two people visit for the climbing, but the bouldering is quite good and there's trad routes to be had at the southern end of the park.
Being neither a boulderer nor a traddie I only add to the million every few years.